Functional Dog Training

S2- E4- Which dog training method is the best method?

In this episode, I will talk about my thoughts about dog training methods and how to use them. Training systems are methods that (dog experts consider) dogs learn but training procedures are the techniques that are used to get the information to the dogs.  ➤Online dog training courses and more: //

S2-E3- Excitement and dogs with Fern Dog Training

In this episode, I will talk to Fernando Camacho of Fern Dog Training about excitement and dogs, the negative effects of training dogs with excitement, and some tips about beagle dogs.

S2- E2- Some Common Dog Health Issue And Beagles By Dr Judy Morgan

In this episode, Dr. Judy Morgan talks about overall beagle health issues and some common health issues with beagles. She will also answer some other dog-health-related issues which you don't want to miss. 

S2- E1- Welfare Based Dog Training - A New System Of Dog Training Podcast

In this episode, Liselot Boersma will share her Welfare Based Dog training idea which is a new system of dog training or a new look to dog training where we focus on the welfare of the dog rather than the behaviour of the dog when it comes to training dogs or modifying their behaviour.

S1- E18- The best way and method to train dogs.

What is the best way or method to train dogs? I will explain my faviourite method of training dogs. 

S1- E17- How long does it take to train my dog.

In this episode, I will talk about the perfect place and the times that you need to invest in order to train your dog. 

S1- E16- You mean the world to your dog.

In this episode, will talk about what you really mean to your dog. Maybe life or death. 

S1- E15- Fostering dogs basic knowledge

In this episode, I talk to Rachel Fusaro about fostering where she shares her experience with fostering dogs. 

S1- E14- A Dog’s Five Essential Needs.

In this episode, I talk about your dog's five daily essential needs alongside some cool music. 

S1-E13Treat training is not healthy for dogs

In this episode, I will explain why using treats to train dogs and feeding dogs too often is not healthy. New studies have shown that by reducing your dog's food intake, you can add years to your dog's life. 

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